Four Corners Diet-The Healthy Low-Carb Way Book Case Pack 32


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Four Corners Diet-The Healthy Low-Carb Way Book.

In 1996, Drs. Goldberg and O’Mara embarked on an in-depth review of the scientific literature concerning weight loss and improvements in serum lipids through diet, as well as all of the popular diets being touted at the time. Sifting through hundreds of studies, they set out to create their own diet — one based on the most proven elements and soundest data from the scientific literature. The diet they created emphasizes very low carbohydrates with normal protein amounts, using high monounsaturated fats and reducing saturated fats, eating plenty of fiber, as well as natural sources of vitamins and nutrients from a variety of vegetables and some dairy products. After first testing the diet on themselves, and both losing weight, they started a formal clinical study in moderate-to-severely obese subjects, and they and others have now tested this diet more informally with hundreds of people of varying weights and ages. The Four Corners Diet has proven to be a bold and easy plan for eating a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet at each meal, every day, for losing weight now–and keeping it off for life.

  • Color: 272 pages
  • Measures: 6 (W) x 9 (L) inches
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